Jock itch.. so much to learn..

This is one product that I never saw myself purchasing. I absolutely crack up at the diagram on the front of the package with the highlighted area in yellow.

This started as the "diaper rash" from hell.. and when one prescription cream didn't help.. there we were.. after a trip to the pediatrician.. standing in the athlete's foot/jock itch section of CVS. They should make a version of Lotrimin for children so that you don't have to stand in that section. It's sort of like standing in front of the wall of condoms that are always in plain sight of the pharmacy and all of the elderly grandparents sitting waiting for their prescriptions and frowning on the teenagers trying to figure out the difference between the 70 brands that are available.

Come to think of it.. that's another subject that i know nothing about. I'm worried enough about buying ben his first cup when he starts sports. I learn something new every day...


  1. i guess i'll hit that milestone before you (although i have yet to buy lotrimin!) so i'll pass on any pearls of wisdom when the time comes!!!

  2. So I am replaced by Jock itch cream? Sigh.....my 7.5 minutes of fame are up and I'm replaced by Jock Itch cream!!!!

    Does this mean I'm not invited for Thanksgiving????