Ok.. so I needed change. Anyone who knows me knows that "change" is a relative term for me. I really hate major change. I don't like the unknown. I don't like uncertainty. I wish that my old Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt that recently disintegrated could still be worn (in public.. legally).

But with all of that said.. it is time.

Welcome to my new space. You may know me from Two Moms and a Baby.. which has multiple homes and domains and has even had floral borders. That doesn't seem to inspire me to write anymore. I'm still a mom. I'm still married to another mom. We still have a baby. Our "baby" is more like a little kid now. While coming up with a new name for the blog.. one thought was "hey.. i'll go with TWO MOMS AND A LITTLE KID" or some variation on a theme. How gay.

I opted for something different entirely. This will still be a blog about me.. stories about my adventures, interests, daydreams. Oh hell.. who am I kidding. It will still be all about Benji.